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Who Attends and Why

The vast majority of attendees are over fifty years old, entrepreneurs or retired, and contemplating the next phase of life.  Although the reasons for attending vary, the most common are as follows:

To rejuvenate and or contemplate the next chapter of life.

To reignite relationships after decades of work.

To overcome a form of long term suffering from anxiety, depression, diabetes, addictions, or some other health ailment, including long Covid.

To enhance their personal or spiritual development in a social or professional endeavor.

To connect with nature and others of like mind and spirit.

3-Day Excursion

For those with limited time we offer a shorter program that is just as powerful as the 6-day program, but has fewer activities.

Limited to ten people. Apply for a discovery call. 

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6-Day Transformation

An exquisite combination of events, fireside chats, and practical exercises to heal and nourish the body, refresh the mind, and activate the soul. The venue is replete with 26 acres of beautiful land, including 1400 ft of private waterfront and forest trails.

Limited to ten people. Apply for a discovery call. 

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Pause, Evolve, Connect

Reignite your sense of purpose and reconnect with the activities and interests that bring you joy. Break free from societal expectations and embrace your unique identity confidently and authentically. 

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