12 Habits of Authentic People

Ignite passion, unleash power, and live your purpose as an authentic, balanced, and fearless person.

The Power of Possibility Lies Within

Each of us has the power to do great things, but this power lies deep within. Success is an inside job and a combination of qualities, habits, and beliefs. Our 12 Habits approach is a proven methodology that provides benefits in every aspect of life by helping overcome trauma, fear, doubt, and self-imposed limitations allowing us to unleash our full potential. 


What You Can Achieve

Greater happiness and health

Improved relationships with spouse or partner, family, friends, and employees

Clarity on one’s personal why and how this aligns with the business

Improved employee and customer retention

Greater business profitability

Positive impact on the community

Greater energy, passion, and enthusiasm for life

Join us if you:

  • Are committed to life-long learning
  • Desire to maximize the potential of¬†your business and team
  • Are¬†struggling with work-life balance
  • Wish to gain clarity, restore passion, and purpose
  • Feel stagnated, stuck, frozen in fear, or off¬†your path
  • Want more and are working on what‚Äôs next
  • Have pondered giving it up and leaving the rat race
  • Wonder why¬†you are killing yourself


Monthly Group Forum & Weekly Break Outs

We have a monthly community that follows the 12 Habit Method. Each month there is one group forum lasting one hour providing foundational knowledge, techniques and guidance in the four categories listed below. In addition to the Monthly Group, there are three Application Break-Outs described below.

   Mental Habits & Qualities

Habits: Expand Thinking, Be Mindful, Be Present.

Qualities: Focused, determined, disciplined, intentional. 

Spiritual Habits & Qualities

Habits: Open Heart, Heal Self, Embrace Gifts.

Qualities: Confident, creative, open minded, forgiving, vulnerable.

Physical Habits & Qualities

Habits: Ignite Passion, Be Hardy, Transmute Fear.

Qualities: Expressive, courageous, balanced, resilient.

Practical Habits & Qualities

Habits: Unleash Power, Live Purpose, Celebrate Life.

Qualities: Ingenious, inspirational, transparent, honest, trustworthy. 


Our community meets monthly in a one-hour Forum described above. Additionally, we also facilitate three weekly Application Break Outs to apply the knowledge in daily life. Forum Members can join one or all. 

Week 1

Professional Development

Applying habits and qualities in creativity, innovation, problem solving ESH, productivity, safety, and team optimization.

Week 2

Purpose & Transition

Igniting passion, discovering powers and gifts, transitioning between careers, finding purpose and meaning.

Week 3

Personal Development

Gaining clarity, reducing stress, or anxiety; healing relationships, improving health, wellness, and happiness.


 Real world results experienced by clients using the qualities and habits.


 Real world results experienced by clients using the qualities and habits.

 For more details on the Curriculum click here.

Detailed Curriculum


Schedule a call or complete the application process below.


Step 1 - Apply

Share your situation and desires by completing the simple application .

Step 2 - Interview

Complete a complimentary and personal interview with one of our facilitators.


Step 3 - Join

Based on your application and interview we will assign you a community.




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