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Secret #1 Mindset Horizon

The Biggest Mindset Mistake and how to overcome it.

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Secret #2 Mindset Map

How it works and why it can hold us back from success

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Secret #3 Mindset Basics

Tips and techniques on how to take control of our mindset to Be Unstoppable

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Hi, I’m Alden Mills

Founder of Perfect Fitness and former Navy SEAL Commander and here's how I can help you.

I'm going to be your swim buddy. Don't worry, I'll explain what swim buddy means. But here's the thing I really want you to understand. I'm here to help you succeed. There is no greater pleasure that I get, than helping others go beyond what they originally thought was possible. You see, that's why I put this training together. 

The mindset is this amalgam of attitudes and beliefs that become behaviors that end up driving actions that give you results. It starts with the very simple things that you decide you want to focus on. And from there, eventually, you'll drive to take an action. If you think about everything that we do in life, it really comes down to two things: decisions and the actions we make from those decisions. And where does that start from? Join me and let’s find out!

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You will be guided by a pair of Unstoppable people who have experienced tragedy and triumph. The words "failure" and "impossible" are not in their personal dictionary.

Who is Alden Mills?

  • 3 time Navy SEAL Platoon Commander
  • INC 500 CEO
  • Owner of 40 Patents
  • Inventor of The Perfect Push Up
  • Author of the bestselling Unstoppable Teams and Be Unstoppable
  • #1 Ranked Virtual Speaker
  • Dad and Husband

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Who is JD Messinger?

  • EY Partner & CEO
  • US Navy nuclear submarine officer
  • Valdez, SARs, 911 Crisis Response Leader
  • Inventor world's first multimedia eBook
  • Creator, Producer, Host #1 Radio and TV shows
  • 5-Time Award winning and #1 Amazon bestselling author of 11 Days in May 

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“I met Alden while at a conference during a difficult leadership time for me. I was taking over leading a company that my parents own and I needed real help fast in growing the business. No one seemed to be on the same page and worse I wasn’t confident I could be the leader to get them focused on growing sales. The Unstoppable Mindset course quickly help me realize I am more powerful than I give myself credit for and then gave me the tools to not only keep me focused on what matters but also my team. I am thrilled to report we have never been more profitable and are now entertaining offers to sell the company! Thank you Alden!!!” ~ Heather Chartrand, CEO/COO President of LutsreCal 

“Before taking the Unstoppable Mindset course, my business was stuck at just under a million dollars a year. Everything I tried didn’t seem to matter, I couldn’t break the million dollar barrier…and then I met Alden and took the Unstoppable Mindset course and then things started to change. At first the growth was slow and then it just kept multiplying. We are over four million dollars today and I don’t plan on stopping because my mindset has changed – I am Unstoppable thanks to Alden and the techniques in his Unstoppable Mindset course!” ~ Rory O'Neill, CEO of Dynamite Digital 

“English is not my first language, Portuguese is. I have dreamed about being a stewardess for years and years but as I got older the dream seemed to get further and further away. I felt stuck in a job I didn’t like leading cleaning crews at a hotel. I interviewed several times for a stewardess position but never made it past the first interview. I was ready to give up on my dream when I met Alden. His course changed my life. Within weeks I had changed my mindset and made it to the third interview. Three weeks later I got an offer! Thanks to Alden and his Unstoppable Mindset course I’m living my dream – I am forever grateful!!!” ~ Liage Ziraks, Delta Airline Stewardess  

“I was elected to turnaround a 1,000 plus member Sheriff’s department, one of the largest in the country. The department has historically been divided into insular divisions and that structure is not helpful in carrying our mission to protect and serve the residents of San Francisco. I literally became the Sheriff weeks before COVID hit and needed a solution that would help me shift the mindsets of my leaders and their teams. Alden and his Unstoppable Mindset course is exactly what I needed. It’s simple, memorable, proven and effective. All of my senior leadership has attended his course and I’m already seeing results. With great appreciation and respect” ~ Sheriff Paul Miyamoto, Sheriff of San Francisco County (city)

“I have worked in private wealth management for over 20 years. I had gotten comfortable in my business and then one day I made a mistake that nearly bankrupted me. I was crushed, depressed and couldn’t see a way forward…I literally thought my career was over. Then I met Alden, took his course and my life and my business began to change and I mean really change. Today, 3 years after applying his Unstoppable Mindset techniques I’m one of the top earners in the company and my revenues have grown 425%!!! Alden, you’re a miracle worker!” ~ Mark Friedman, Private Wealth Manager First Republic Bank 

“I owned my company for 13yrs before I lost it. I had gotten too comfortable and didn’t pay attention to the massive changes happening in my industry. When I found Alden, I was as stuck as I have ever been. I didn’t know what to do and where to turn. Alden and his course Unstoppable Mindset changed, well, my mindset in all the right ways. Within weeks I had a plan that I was executing on everyday and a few months later my income starting doubling every month. This course is a savior!” ~ Ryan Walsh, Sales team leader, Jack Nadel Inc

“When I met Alden I was working in commercial real estate management. I dreamed of starting a golf business but never acted on it until I took the Unstoppable Mindset course. It literally woke me up to my potential and my power. I used the tools from the course along with Alden’s coaching to build the business of my dreams. I have now sold more than $15 million dollars of my ideas and my company Frogger is a leader in the golf accessory category. I can honestly say that Alden, his course and the techniques he teaches forever changed the direction of my life in the best of ways.” ~ Jeremiah Bohannon, 48 CEO and founder, Frogger Inc.

“I have big dreams but I could never seem to make any of them happen. When I met Alden and took his Unstoppable Mindset course,  I was stuck in a mid-level management job and couldn’t seem to make any progress. I found myself frustrated; I was questioning myself and my abilities. Enter the Unstoppable Mindset course. My attitude, my actions, and well my mindset changed. It was as if the things Alden teaches just broke a log jam in my head and when that happened success started flowing toward me. The first thing that happened was my income grew by 100% and then I landed the job I wanted and I got it two years earlier than I dreamed about: Vice President of Sales. Thank you, thank you, thank you Alden and the Unstoppable Mindset course – I am where I am today because of it and I’ll be using it for the rest of my life!” ~ Matt Brucker, VP of Sales, Socks Inc

“I moved here from Venezuela with my family and always wanted the American Dream of owning my own business. I spent over $10,000 on self help programs over the last 5 years to help me achieve my dream, but nothing came close to Alden’s Unstoppable Mindset course. Within in months my business started growing and breaking records each month…and now for the first time I feel like I am truly in charge of my life and my only limit is my imagination thanks to Alden and his Unstoppable Mindset techniques and tools – MUCHAS GRACIAS ALDEN!!!” ~ Barbara Caraballo, Creator, Expansion Co. 

“I love JD. He is phenomenal, compassionate. He is an extraordinary human being who I am incredibly grateful for bringing together so many people. One of the great things about JD is that there is nothing about him where he presents himself as the person who knows it all. He is always pointing you back to your own power and that’s a tremendous thing because in today’s world so many people are claiming they have the answers. JD has wisdom but he is always pointing you back to the wisdom within you and that is a beautiful thing.” ~ Jonah Larkin, Founder & Chief Vitality Officer, Warrior Energy & How Humans Work 

“I have always called JD a modern-day prophet. There have been prophets throughout eternity and I believe he’s one. He has an uncanny ability to pay attention to the person at the moment and give them what they need at the moment they need it. He has an amazing ability to remember what their passions are and their struggles and also to encourage then to pursue their gifts and talents because he shares the same philosophy I do, that we are all here for a unique purpose and we are all given unique gifts and talents from our creator and he wants everyone to flourish. I believe in that and it’s wonderful to have met him. I love him! ~ Gerard P. Yandoli, CPA, CGMA

“I think JD is a total ball of energy. Happiness, a little obnoxious sometimes, loves to laugh at his own jokes, incredibly smart, amazing intention, fearless, sometimes all over the place, sometimes not, incredibly intuitive. I am truly humbled to call him my friend.” ~ Kristopher “Kris” Kluver, Best Selling Author & CEO, Entrepreneurial Advisors

“JD is a remarkable leader and mentor to anyone who wants to be more conscious about what they are doing. He is a life force we all can follow.” ~ Juha Riverhill, Spiritual Author and Life Coach

“I love JD. He reminds me of the person I was many years back. He brings a tremendous amount of energy, a great sense of humor, he has passion and compassion. He is very serious but he laughs so there is both sides. He is certainly passionate and driven about the agenda and goal to use TMI to create conscious leaders. I am a better person for knowing him.” ~ Michael J. Richie, Executive Coach and Founder, Red Pill

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