Step Into The Light

Discover Your Higher Self, Full Potential, & Divine Purpose

A 50 Lesson Self-Paced Course Covering the Full Life Fusion Curriculum

Course Benefits

  • Understanding the nature of reality
  • Communicating with Source
  • Discovering your purpose 
  • Living a more authentic, congruent life
  • Expanding awareness
  • Igniting personal passion
  • Expanding possibilities
  • Transmuting fear into courage
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Improving personal relationships
  • Increasing health and happiness
  • Healing old wounds


JD Messinger

Jonathan D. (JD) Messinger is a corporate visionary, inspirational speaker, and spiritual mentor. He began life as a fireman and went on to become CEO of Ernst & Young Consulting, South East Asia, and one of 37 Distinguished Graduates from the United States Naval Academy.  JD is a former nuclear submarine officer and the crisis response leader who helped supervise the Valdez oil spill cleanup.

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Juha Korhonen

I have always wanted to unearth the truth about myself and the world. I have studied and observed my development and that of humankind from the perspective of spirit and matter for almost thirty years. In 2015 I felt ready to take a new step in my life, so I followed my calling and became a full-time entrepreneur. I strive to develop myself as a person, and I express my true self by guiding people on their path towards their true self and by sharing my valuable experiences and knowledge with others. 

You can contact my assistant for more detail regarding this course. Finnish and in English.+3850 463 1985

Virtual Self-Paced


Per month for 3 months

Originally a Live 6 Month Group Program. Included in the course is the following:

  • 24 Weekly Lessons With Over 50 modules
  • 12 Webinars (~10 hours)
  • 10 Pre-recorded Live Group Calls (~15 hours)
  • 12 Tips, Exercises and Spiritual Practices
  • 12 Downloadable Podcasts
  • Private Discussion Forum
  • Bonus 1: Podcast on Thoughts, Intentions, Motivations
  • Bonus 2: Discovering Faulty, Limiting, and Outdated Programs (FLOPs)
  • Bonus 3: Tips on How to Forgive
  • Bonus 4: Journal on How to Release FLOPS
  • Bonus 5: Journal on Trusting Intuition
  • Bonus 6: Journal on Your 7 Invisible Powers
  • Bonus 7: The Accordion Effect of Expansion and Contraction

Money Back Guarantee

Take this course for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, we will refund your first month with no questions asked.


What participants say about our retreats, The Messinger Institute, and our founder.

“Phenomenal experience through our fears and wounds. It was an amazing weekend!” ~ Juha Riverhill, Spiritual Author and Life Coach

Powerful in many ways. Powerful energy, a lot of emotion, shifts happening and people awakening to higher truths! Some facing and conquering their fears, expanding on their ideas, network and tribe. I think it was a wonderful success.” ~ Michael J. Richie, Executive Coach and Founder, Red Pill

“The weekend was amazing for so many reasons. The quality of the people here, the level of consciousness and conscientiousness that each person brought helped to create. I know this sounds a little woo woo, but it helped to create a field where possibility becomes probability. I don’t know where those words came from.” ~ Jonah Larkin, Founder & Chief Vitality Officer, Warrior Energy & How Humans Work

“The weekend was fantastic. Not only was there support from fellow members but it helped me personally go deeper into some of the areas in my life that are holding me back from reaching my full potential and true purpose. It also was an opportunity for me to express myself to those I care for and love and help support them which was a wonderful blessing. And then to feel back and receive that support from others while expressing myself. The love and support going back and forth, receiving it and giving it, was one of the highlights of the weekend.”~ Gerard P. Yandoli, CPA, CGMA

“I have to say I have really enjoyed the weekend. I had no idea what to expect. I am somewhat of the skeptic in the group maybe. I am still getting my brain wrapped around some of the thinking, ideas, and the approach’s but my intention was to come here with an open mind and the possibility of what if, what is available, what is out there, and what can I learn. For me it has been packed, it has pushed my thinking, I cried a little, I got a lot of hugs. It was truly beautiful.” ~ Kristopher “Kris” Kluver, Best Selling Author & CEO, Entrepreneurial Advisors

“How to be a more powerful and conscious leader and make myself more present.” ~ Juha Riverhill, Spiritual Author and Life Coach

“I’ve been learning how to understand and operate in the world in a way that is effective and also of high consciousness. Meaning, is what I am doing in service of my highest good and the highest good of those around me. More specifically for me, I’ve learned when to use intuition, when to ask for help, how to ask for the type of help I need, and how to use my thinking to manifest the things I am trying to create in the world. I really feel like I am being trained in a new way to use thinking. ” ~ Jonah Larkin, Founder & Chief Vitality Officer, Warrior Energy & How Humans Work

“I like to call it a different way to apply spirituality in everyday life and the science of spirituality and about the energy, and inner life, and how there is a link between that and the outer game. I have always called it the interior life and how it overflows into exterior manifestation of that in giving and serving others.  A new language is also being learned and the science of the human person and how that impacts  their life in their inner game and outer game. I am also learning how to be open to receiving from others and how they impact me so I can improve.” ~ Gerard P. Yandoli, CPA, CGMA

“There is a very different way of looking at things. I intuitively have always known, but I never really trusted that, and some of those beliefs were candidly a little out there for me and I felt a little embarrassed or didn’t want to talk to people about those, but I leaned in and I am so thankful my friend introduced me to JD the group, and that I have been open to seeing how things look differently and how people look at stuff. I’m starting to see differently. It has been a huge shift in my thinking and that is what I do for a living, help people shift their thinking, so for me to get knocked on my butt and look at things in a completely different way is such an amazing treat.” ~ Kristopher “Kris” Kluver, Best Selling Author & CEO, Entrepreneurial Advisors

I came to JD from a different background and had not worked with TMI before this. For me personally this is more about researching TMI to see if it is a place to bring my energy to and I made a decision that it was.” ~ Michael J. Richie, Executive Coach and Founder, Red Pill

“I love JD. He is phenomenal, compassionate. He is an extraordinary human being who I am incredibly grateful for bringing together so many people. One of the great things about JD is that there is nothing about him where he presents himself as the person who knows it all. He is always pointing you back to your own power and that’s a tremendous thing because in today’s world so many people are claiming they have the answers. JD has wisdom but he is always pointing you back to the wisdom within you and that is a beautiful thing.” ~ Jonah Larkin, Founder & Chief Vitality Officer, Warrior Energy & How Humans Work

“I have always called JD a modern-day prophet. There have been prophets throughout eternity and I believe he’s one. He has an uncanny ability to pay attention to the person at the moment and give them what they need at the moment they need it. He has an amazing ability to remember what their passions are and their struggles and also to encourage then to pursue their gifts and talents because he shares the same philosophy I do, that we are all here for a unique purpose and we are all given unique gifts and talents from our creator and he wants everyone to flourish. I believe in that and it’s wonderful to have met him. I love him! ~ Gerard P. Yandoli, CPA, CGMA

“I think JD is a total ball of energy. Happiness, a little obnoxious sometimes, loves to laugh at his own jokes, incredibly smart, amazing intention, fearless, sometimes all over the place, sometimes not, incredibly intuitive. I am truly humbled to call him my friend.” ~ Kristopher “Kris” Kluver, Best Selling Author & CEO, Entrepreneurial Advisors

“JD is a remarkable leader and mentor to anyone who wants to be more conscious about what they are doing. He is a life force we all can follow.” ~ Juha Riverhill, Spiritual Author and Life Coach

I love JD. He reminds me of the person I was many years back. He brings a tremendous amount of energy, a great sense of humor, he has passion and compassion. He is very serious but he laughs so there is both sides. He is certainly passionate and driven about the agenda and goal to use TMI to create conscious leaders. I am a better person for knowing him.” ~ Michael J. Richie, Executive Coach and Founder, Red Pill


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