Phoenix Circles

A community of like-minded transformational leaders, following their passion and using their unique talents and gifts to fulfill their purpose.

Passion Themes

Passion fuels purpose. It is the source of energy that inspires, motivates, and compels us to act. In that regard, each Phoenix Circle focuses on a particular passion with a unique vision and mission established by the Circle leader. Join a support community who shares your passion and learn more about the key themes on the link below.

Passion Themes

Circle Explanation

Each Circle consists of 10 to 16 individuals who form a virtual support community of like-minded leaders who share the TMI philosophy of values and beliefs. They balance giving and receiving on the journey of inner exploration and development. Then collaborate and network in the outer game to maximize success and fulfillment.

Phoenix Circle Offerings

Phoenix Programs

Phoenix Programs are designed for individuals who desire to ignite passion, unleash power and fulfill their purpose. Participants experience the full  Life Fusion Methodology. The programs include self paced lessons, group calls, peer to peer networking, retreats, and private mentoring. Each program focuses on a particular passionate area of interest. 

Phoenix Circle Offerings

Become a Transformational Practitioner

If you are a heart centered practitioner and would like to take our Transformational Practitioner course or become a Phoenix Circle Leader, please click on the link below.


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