Phoenix Circles

For high-performing people who desire to bond with like-minded, heart centered leaders, and reach the highest levels of human potential.

Circle Introduction

The Phoenix Circle programs are the most advanced level of learning offered by the Institute. Below is a brief description of why we come together, what we do, and the ideal candidate fit.

Shared Passion

Phoenix Circles members share a passion for creating, building, and innovating. Members love learning, leading, and care deeply about people and humanity. Most are lovers of knowledge and all are successful leaders in their chosen field. Although each Phoenix Circle curriculum incorporates the full Life Fusion Methodology, each circle has a particular passion. Learn more about our passions on the link below:

Passion Themes

Circle Process

Each Circle consists of 10 to 16 individuals who form a support community who participate in five activities described in the LfM Learning Process: self-learning, small group calls, peer networking, private mentoring, and retreats. We balance sharing and receiving as we embark on the LfM Training Approach that aligns the Inner and Outer Game. In essence, we collectively help each other progress through a journey of inner exploration and development to achieve outer success with greater fulfillment.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates are highly successful and often a maverick. As a current or former founder, executive, creator, or innovator you inspire and lead change. Your inner core stands on a foundation of truth, integrity, and justice and: (a) you are in control of your time, (b) can commit to two hours a week on either self-paced learning, mentoring, or group calls for one year, (c) commit to an accountability partner, (d)  commit to 80 percent attendance, (e) will participate in at least 2 retreats a year, and (f) have the financial freedom and desire to achieve greater self-mastery.

Three Phoenix Circle Offerings

Choose a circle based on your personal desires. The full program is 12 months, includes 10-16 members, and progresses through the entire Life Fusion Methodology, but in a different sequence, for a unique outcome.

Creator Circle

The goal of the Creators Circle is help members invent, build, or create. Our passion focus includes: innovation, creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurial spirit. Your creation could be a product, offering, business, movement, or charity. The curriculum emphasis is first to achieve mastery over mind and thoughts, then understand and use your invisible gifts and talents. Finally, after balancing the mind, body, spirit, and environment, we focus on unleashing power and creating the outer game legacy.

Vitality Circle

The goal of the Vitality Circle is help members increase their vitality and energy by 90 percent. Our passion focus includes: health, wellness, nutrition, innovation and creativity. The initial curriculum emphasis is on:  Brain, DNA, Hormones, Nervous, Immune, Detoxification Systems, Microbiome and more. Members will then learn the integrated and holistic mind, body, spirit connections. Finally, after accelerating Vitality, members will take their new energy and apply it to a passionate purpose in the Outer Game.

Seeker Circle

The goal of the Seeker Circle is for members to answer the great questions: who am I, where did I come from, and what is my purpose. These questions typically arise after a shift in ones' life. Our areas of passion include: spirit, God, unity, and invisible gifts and powers. We begin by understanding our spiritual nature, soul purpose, and lessons, and progress to our invisible gifts and powers. After balancing the mind, body, spirit, and environment, we align your passion and to unleash your power to fulfill your purpose.

What Participants Say

Learn more from the Benefits Menu or listen to what others have to say about our retreats, what they've learned, and how they feel about our founder, JD Messinger, in this three-part video below.


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