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The Mind is the Master Builder

Welcome! Please watch the short introduction video above.

The goal of this course is to help you create, invent, or solve problems. It begins by explaining the power of thoughts, our mind and the unlimited potential we have to invent or create whatever we so desire.

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The objectives include understanding the following:

  1. The unlimited power and potential of our mind and thoughts, and world of energy
  2. How intentions and manifestation create an attractive resonance
  3. How to clear the mind and tap into the field of potential
  4. Beliefs, limiting thoughts, and expanding your intuitive powers

In this program you will have one lesson a week for five weeks, with 23 learning modules, including:

  • 1 Hour Webinar
  • 5 Video lessons with JD
  • 5 audio podcasts
  • 2 journaling exercises
  • 4 tips and practices
  • Private Q&A Discussion Forum
  • Over 4 hours of special bonus CNN interviews with world-renowned experts

The special bonus interviews include:

  • The Field of Energy with Lynn McTaggart
  • The Power of Our Mind with Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • Values, Beliefs, and Congruence with Dr. John Demartini
  • The Intention Experiments with Lynn McTaggart

The curriculum outline includes:

  •  Understanding Our Mind, Thoughts and Energy
  • The power of our brain and how it works
  • Understanding the mind, how it works
  • How the mind differs from the brain
  • The essence of brainwaves
  • Tips to help you with your mind and thoughts
  • The (non physical, amorphous) constructs of the mind
  • What is a thought, how it travels, where it lives
  • The basics of energy as a carrier of information
  • The essence of filters: Intentions and motivations
  • Basic facts of energy, atoms, and molecules
  • Energy beings of light and axioms
  • Thoughts, intentions, and motivations
  • Grounding, running energy, clearing our minds
  • Understanding and trusting intuition
  • Beliefs, illusions, and imagination (Journal exercise)
  • Bringing heaven to earth (Journal exercise)