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Unleashing Power Community

The Unleashing Power Community is a free service which provides practical applications to help you ignite your passion and unleash your power through webinars, quick tips, podcasts, and video stories.
The benefits you will receive include:
  1. Understanding the unlimited power and potential of our mind and thoughts
  2. Discovering the science of our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind
  3. Learning techniques to reduce stress, clear the mind, improve focus and concentration
  4. Recognizing & overcoming self-imposed limitations
  5. Recognizing and believing in our invisible super powers to invent, intuit, and solve problems
  6. Learning the difference between thinking, feeling, and sensing to make the right decisions
  7. Increasing confidence, courage, and faith to take the leap
  8. Expanding self-awareness to improve relationships
  9. Understanding the center of consciousness (frontal cortex) and triggers that stop us dead (amygdala)
  10. Discovering how passion and following our heart is the key to success
  11. Learning and using the power of forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude
  12. Removing failure and impossible from our personal dictionary
  13. Embracing our unlimited power and potential to invent and create wonders
The Community Provides:
  • Messinger Minutes: 1 to 2 minute videos, sharing concise tips for daily application with very little, if any, of the science or explanation behind how and why it works
  • Written tips: For those who prefer to read, these are some of our favorite written tips to inspire and motivate!
  • Ignite Your Passion Videos: These are short videos, usually 3-5 minutes that are telling stories from a collection of speeches or video blogs to get you fired up and ignite your passion.
  • Podcasts and CNN radio interviews: This section contains some of our favorite CNN Radio interviews and podcasts.
  • Power Webinars: This section contains wonderful webinars lasting from 10 to 60 minutes that provide insights and knowledge from the Life Fusion Methodology and TMI Curriculum. 
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