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Life Fusion Seekers Circle

Welcome to the Life Fusion Seeker Circle!

The Seeker Circle is the most advanced level of learning offered by the Institute.

It is a small community (10-12) of like-minded people who desire to reach the highest levels of human potential, discover their true spiritual identity, answer the great questions, ignite passion, unleash power, and fulfill  purpose.

The goal of the Seeker Circle is for members to answer the great questions: who am I, where did I come from, and what is my purpose. Then after answering these questions, co-create a legacy in the Outer Game!

Our areas of focus include: spirit, God, unity, and invisible gifts and powers. We begin by understanding the power of our mind and thoughts, then our spiritual nature and soul purpose, and life lessons. We then progress to discover, believe, and use our innate invisible gifts and powers. 

Finally, after balancing the mind, body, spirit, and environment, we align our passion to unleash our power and fulfill our purpose.

In summary, this support community promotes personal, professional, and spiritual growth to help each other awaken to our full conscious and creative potential to become an authentic, congruent, and bold person promoting hope over fear, unity over division.

Here is a full list of the inner and outer game benefits clients state they receive from this course.

Over the one-year period each member experiences the full Life Fusion Methodology through a combination of the following:

  • 64 lesson self-paced course
  • 20 group calls 
  • Peer accountability partners
  • 20 hours of private coaching 

Ideal candidates are typically over 50 years old and have spent several years or decades on personal development. Most importantly, candidates should possess a longing to achieve greater self-mastery, spiritual freedom, and serve a calling to something greater than oneself. Our mission is to proceed through the Great Work and Supreme Work, to help members remember who they are, where they came from, and why they are here. Participants should come into the Circle with a heartfelt intention to share, ascend, and unite.

Each should have a foundation of core beliefs that promote truth, justice, equality, integrity, love, service, and honor. Candidates must have the desire and availability to a yearlong process including a commitment to:

  • Two hours a week
  • Agree to be an accountability partner
  • Attend 80 percent attendance of group calls

Collectively we balance giving and receiving as we progress through a journey of inner exploration and development to achieve outer success and fulfillment, achieving greater levels of self-mastery and self-actualization.

After taking this course participants will rise up and be reborn to the person they truly are, and:

  • Discover the power of their mind and unlimited potential to heal, invent, or co-create
  • Heal old wounds and relationships
  • Understand the science and metaphysics behind the teachings of the masters
  • Understand and remember their true identity
  • Discover, believe, and use their invisible gifts and powers
  • Release anger and find greater inner peace through forgiving self and others
  • Learn their Trinity of Passion, Power, and Purpose
  • Ignite their passion to fulfill a calling to serve a cause greater than oneself
  • Build a loving, trusting, and powerful bond unlike any other

We will meet every two weeks in a group call for 90 minutes and the fee includes 24 private coaching sessions, usually two a month.

In summary, participants receive:

  • 64 lesson self-paced course – which ‘drops’ at once so students can pace themselves. Many go through the lesson’s multiple times, each time learning more. The curriculum includes:
    • 8 Webinars on the Power of our Mind and Thoughts, Spiritual Gifts, Invisible Wounds, Trinity of Passion-Power-Purpose, and more…
    • 8 Journal Exercises on discovering your center, invisible powers, the power of intuition, conquering fear, manifesting, and more…
    • 16 Podcasts on techniques and methods, the science and faith behind healing and creating, and more…
    • 16 Tips for daily inspiration on what it means to surrender, take a leap of faith, how we contract and expand, and more…
  • 20 group calls - One every two weeks, ~90 minutes, where we review the curriculum, share, grow, heal and ascend together
  • Peer accountability - support and advice to provide mental, moral, and emotional support
  • 24 hours of private coaching– scheduled on convenience, usually two hours per month
  • Knowledge & Wisdom library - for sharing what we discuss such as books, courses, and more
  • Call Library - for watching replies of our group calls
  • Private Discussion Forum - for sharing what we have learned in each lesson and dialoguing with each other
  • Bonus Interviews - with global thought leaders on science, faith, values, virtues, personal growth, and more from such notable authors and leaders as: Lynn McTaggartJoe DispenzaDr. Francis Collins, Nobel Laureate Prof. Frank Wilczek

Special note: Graduates of the Seeker Circle are eligible to become certified practitioners in the Institute Life Fusion curriculum and as such, lead Circles, coach students, or have their own unique curriculum added to the curriculum library.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason after starting this program you are not satisfied, let us know within the first 30 days and we will gladly refund your fee.


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