Co-Create A Legacy!

Take a private executive program and Rise UP! These programs are designed to ignite passion, unleash power and co-create the legacy you were born to leave. 

Private Creator

If you are an inventor, builder, or leader who loves to create and desires to achieve even greater self mastery, this private program is for you. The emphasis is first to achieve mastery over mind and thoughts, then understand and use your invisible gifts and talents. 


Private Vitality

If you are wondering what happened to your energy or you desire to boost your vitality, this program is for you. Understand the human OS (operating system), energy and vitality and develop a personal vitality plan while you learn the integrated and holistic mind, body, spirit connections.


Private Weekend

It's time to get fired up! Overcome resistance, limitations, or get away and get inspired. Take a 2 1/2 day deep dive with one of our Phoenix Practitioners and experience how truly powerful, amazing, and gifted you really are, discover what's holding you back, and develop a plan to move forward. 


Private Seeker

If you are seeking the answers to the great questions: who am I, where did I come from, and what is my purpose, this private mentoring program is designed for you. Our spiritual coach will help you understand your spiritual nature, soul purpose, and lessons. 


"I’ve been learning how to understand and operate in the world in a way that is effective and also of high consciousness. Meaning, is what I am doing in service of my highest good and the highest good of those around me. More specifically for me, I’ve learned when to use intuition, when to ask for help, how to ask for the type of help I need, and how to use my thinking to manifest the things I am trying to create in the world. I really feel like I am being trained in a new way to use thinking."

Jonah Larkin
Founder & Chief Vitality Officer, Warrior Energy & How Humans Work

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