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If you are an inventor, builder, or leader who loves to create and desires to achieve greater self mastery, this private mentoring program is for you. The emphasis is first to achieve mastery over mind and thoughts, then understand and use your invisible gifts and talents and summit the second mountain that balances success with fulfillment.




"I have been working with JD for over two years now.  The concepts JD and The Messinger Institute are teaching are exactly what is needed in the world today.…….exactly what I needed.  Working with JD, I have discovered more about myself than I would have reading 100 books.  JD helped me align my passion, purpose and powers personally and professionally.  If anyone is wondering what it all means, or wondering what they can bring to this world, or simply wanting to love themselves more; I highly recommend working with JD and TMI."


Lead yourself through change and IMPROVE your outcomes with the Unstoppable Mindset course with Alden Mills.  

  • Increase your resilience and bounce back quickly from difficulties

  • Make positive changes to thrive in challenging times

  • Practice strategies to transform self-limiting beliefs into a growth mindset

  • Resolve to go “all-in” to achieve more than you originally thought possible

  • Overcome obstacles and turn adversity into opportunity

  • Visualize your over-the-horizon (“OTH”) goals and outcomes

  • Expand your impact in your personal and professional life


Rory O’Neil 

CEO Dynamite Digital

“Before taking the Unstoppable Mindset course, my business was stuck at just under a million dollars a year. Everything I tried didn’t seem to matter, I couldn’t break the million dollar barrier…and then I took the Unstoppable Mindset course and things started to change. At first the growth was slow but then it just kept multiplying. We are over $4,000,000 today and I don’t plan on stopping because my mindset has changed – I am Unstoppable thanks to Alden Mills and the techniques in his Unstoppable Mindset course!”

—Rory O’Neil, 51  CEO Dynamite Digital


The Unstoppable Squad is a private community of entrepreneurial leaders working together to create unstoppable teams, cultures, and organizations that align passion, power, and purpose to be a force for good.  

Collectively we foster a new breed of heart-centered leaders that balance success with fulfillment.


Belief is not a matter of choice, but of conviction.

— Robert G. Ingersoll


Achieve Greater Mastery for Self and Team 

If you have achieved success, but something feels missing, look no further. Schedule a free consultation and together we will discuss the second mountain:  balancing success with fulfillment and serving a cause greater than oneself.

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