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At a time in our history where it is impossible to go a single week without facing tragedy and a system out of balance, we need leaders who inspire hope, not fear; promote unity, not division and leaders who recognize what binds is far greater than what divides. 

The world has entered a new era and the challenges presented demand more present, heart-centered, and conscious leaders who understand:

  • Pleasing shareholders and earning profits are an outcome, not the goal
  • We are not physical beings have a spiritual experience, rather spiritual beings having a physical one
  • The science of mind and power of thought
  • Universal laws and axioms that drive happiness, success, and fulfillment
  • Most importantly, our unlimited power and potential to create wonders


Our vision is to Bridge the Great Divides by expanding awareness and unleashing human potential.

Bridging the Divides means we help people live, grow, and produce in a manner that moves the needle to close what MIT Professor Dr. C.  Otto Scharmer discussed in Theory U, the six Great Divides: Social, Political, Ecological, Economic, Corporate, and Spiritual.


Our mission is to align the mind and heart, the ego and the soul, to create authentic, congruent, and bold people who have the confidence to believe and courage to act as they move through the journey of life.

We do this through private mentoring and coaching, as well as group forums, and self-paced curriculum. All are based on the Life Fusion Methodology


Philosophy is defined as the love and pursuit of knowledge and wisdom by intellectual means.

A family, company, or society will quickly become extinct without a strong philosophical foundation. Maintaining this rock requires moral, ethical, and mental discipline. 

The best philosophies understand the deeper elements of nature, cause and effect, or principles of reality. They arose from critical thinking, analyzing  fundamental assumptions and beliefs.

The overarching philosophy of The Messinger Institute is that we are a spiritual being, with unlimited power and potential to create wonders; separation is an illusion; and we are all interconnected and interdependent with each other and nature. 

Jonathan D. (JD) Messinger

Institute Founder

"Jonathan D. (JD) Messinger is the founder of the institute. He is a #1 best selling author, corporate visionary, inspirational speaker, and spiritual mentor. He began life as a fireman and went on to become CEO of Ernst & Young Consulting, South East Asia, and one of 37 Distinguished Graduates from the United States Naval Academy class of 1981. JD is a former nuclear submarine officer and the crisis response leader who helped supervise the Valdez oil spill cleanup."

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