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A private community of entrepreneurial leaders working together to create unstoppable teams, cultures, and organizations that align passion, power, and purpose to be a force for good.  



After completing the Unstoppable Mindset course, a select few have the opportunity to go the next step and create an Unstoppable Team, to achieve dramatic results, led by a pair of Unstoppable Leaders


The Unstoppable Squad is a private entrepreneurial leader community of 8 to 12 members who have charted their new course from the Unstoppable Mindset program and are now ready to set sail and begin the journey. 

We start by sharing what we learned from the Inner Game journey, including:

  • Limiting Beliefs (I CAN Belief Loop)
  • Conquering Fears
  • Creating an Unstoppable Focus 
  • Demolishing Doubt
  • Unstoppable Attitudes
  • Unstoppable Goals

We then move to the Outer Game where our objectives include:

  • Providing strength, support, and encouragement
  • Creating trusting relationships 
  • Instilling confidence, courage, and faith
  • Networking, brainstorming, and challenging 
  • Achieving exponential results and measuring impact

WHO: Meet Your Unstoppable Leaders

You will be guided by a pair of Unstoppable people who have experienced tragedy and triumph. The words "failure" and "impossible" are not in their personal dictionary.

Alden Mills 

3 time Navy SEAL Platoon Commander


Owner of 40 Patents

Inventor of The Perfect Push Up

Author of the bestselling Unstoppable Teams and Be Unstoppable

#1 Ranked Virtual Speaker

Dad and Husband

Learn more at

JD Messinger 

EY Partner & CEO

US Navy nuclear submarine officer

Valdez, SARs, 911 Crisis Response Leader

Inventor world's first multimedia eBook

Creator, Producer, Host #1 Radio and TV shows

5-Time Award winning and #1 Amazon bestselling author of 11 Days in May 

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"I have been working with JD for over two years now.  The concepts JD and The Messinger Institute are teaching are exactly what is needed in the world today.…….exactly what I needed.  Working with JD, I have discovered more about myself than I would have reading 100 books.  JD helped me align my passion, purpose and powers personally and professionally.  If anyone is wondering what it all means, or wondering what they can bring to this world, or simply wanting to love themselves more; I highly recommend working with JD and TMI."


It is not what we do that matters, it is how and why we do it. A focus solely on profits and success without a fulfilling purpose aligned with passion, eventually becomes meaningless, or worse, a trap.

Our destination is a new vantage point, the second mountain, where we balance success with purpose and meaning. 

The focus of the Squad is for organizations that add value to community and society; a common good.

If your goal is simply to make money, this is not a fit. We are looking for heart-centered leaders who understand that profit is an outcome, not the goal.

If you want to learn the secrets to becoming an authentic, congruent, and unstoppable leader, look no further.



The Squad meets twice a month for 90-minutes. Each Squad has a private community, including:

  • Call Library
  • Discussion Forum
  • Knowledge Library

There is a minimum three month requirement as a trial period for all concerned. 

We are looking for CEOs who are committed, serious, and willing to go the distance.

Members agree to safe, non-judgmental conversations, sharing, networking, 90 percent participation, and a buddy system.

Do you have what it takes?

Winners never quit and quitters never win. Do you have the courage, discipline, and determination to become unstoppable? Apply and let's find out.


Space is extremely limited and on a application basis. Tell us about yourself, make a $500 refundable deposit, and schedule an interview.