The Phoenix Initiatives

A Support Community Leading America to Rise Up From the Ashes

Together We Rise

Our crew of world champions and Olympians, The Phoenix Crew, are leading a movement for greater unity by coaching America to rise up from the ashes. Together we rise and bridge the issues that divide by uniting around the ties that bind.

Rise Up America: Join the Race!

Our mission is to create social, racial, and economic equality, promoting hope, not fear; inspiring unity not division. Our first season will focus on mobilizing 100,000 citizens to take the pledge.

Meet the Phoenix Crew  

They are rowing national champions, world champions, Olympians, and Olympic coaches; they are the Phoenix Crew, stewards of the Phoenix Initiative.

These champions are going to coach America with tips and knowledge and help us all get in the same boat, align our thoughts and intentions, and pull together as we race towards brighter shores, as one team, Team America. Along the way we will face strong headwinds and rough seas, but with focus, courage, determination, and will power, we can do anything. 

Join Team America

Join Team America and help us reach the first seasons goal of 100,000 Citizen Members.

Membership Benefits 

Every leader knows that in order to achieve an aspirational vision, whether it is graduating, getting a job, or winning a gold medal, we must first drive home a daily message. Members of Team America will receive a daily short message promoting the values, virtues, qualities, and traits to succeed. 

Secondly, each member will receive a weekly lesson from our knowledge library that educates on unstoppable teams, mindsets, bodies, and spirits. 

Knowledge Library

Competition Rules

The Phoenix Crew are the stewards of the movement who will guide us in taking a pledge, following a code of conduct, and crossing a seasonal finish line.

First Season

Our mission in the first season is to get 100,000 Americans to join the movement, take the pledge, and fill the boathouse, as we share knowledge and wisdom, and promote the ties that bind.

Team Pledge

Citizen members pledge to abide by the code of conduct and strive to do their best to promote racial, social, and economic equality while upholding the highest ideals and constitutional rights. 

Team Code

Citizen Members abide to our code of conduct, agreeing to safe, non-judgmental conversations that uplift the human spirit, promote mutual respect, and professional conduct. 

Learn more about Team America and the Phoenix Crew 

Convert your passion and power into a purpose that leverages the ties that bind and all that makes us great. Tell us what you are most passionate about below. 

This is not a solicitation for any offers, merely a means to identify those interested and your passion. 


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