A community of like-minded people who desire to reach the highest levels of human potential, discover their true identity, answer the great questions, ignite passion, unleash power, and fulfill  purpose.

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Circle Introduction

The Seeker Circle programs are the most advanced level of learning offered by the Institute. Below is a brief description of why we come together, what we do, and the ideal candidate.


Circles members share a deep passion for learning and helping others. They embrace universal values and virtues and the teachings of the masters. Most love teaching, coaching, or counseling and care deeply about humanity.  

Members embrace safe, non-judgmental conversations, and desire to expand awareness, promote love and hope, not fear or hatred; unity not division, and work collectively to heal society in challenging times.


Author and Life Coach

"Phenomenal experience through our fears and wounds. It was amazing weekend! JD is a remarkable leader and mentor to anyone who wants to be more conscious about what they are doing. He is a life force we all can follow."


The ideal goal of each circle is to Co-Create a legacy on a shared passion by the end of the program.

Each Circle consists of 10 to 12 people who form a support community in this one year program.

Each member experiences the full Life Fusion Methodology through a combination of the following:

  • 64 lesson self-paced course
  • 20 group calls 
  • Peer accountability partners
  • 20 hours of private coaching 

We balance giving and receiving as we progress through a journey of inner exploration and development to achieve outer success and fulfillment.


Ideal candidates are typically over 50 years old and have spent several years or decades on personal development.

Each stands a foundation of core beliefs that promote truth, justice, equality, integrity, love, service, and honor. 

Candidates must have the desire and availability to a year long process including a commitment to:

  • Two hours a week
  • An accountability partner
  • 80 percent attendance in group calls

Most importantly, candidates should possess a longing to achieve greater self-mastery, spiritual freedom, and serve a calling to something greater than oneself. 

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Mike Ritchie

"I love JD. He reminds me of the person I was many years back. He brings a tremendous amount of energy, a great sense of humor, he has passion and compassion. He is very serious but he laughs so there is both sides. He is certainly passionate and driven about the agenda and goal to use TMI to create conscious leaders. I am a better person for knowing him."

What Participants Say


If you want to help make the world a better place, look no further.

The Messinger Institute is unlike any other institution for higher learning. We are educating and training the leaders of tomorrow to be heart centered, conscious leaders, who inspire hope, not fear, promote unity, not division.

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Space is limited to 12 people per circle and priority is on a first come, first served basis. Sign up on the list below if you are interested to reserve your potential seat in our next Seeker Circle.