Each Phoenix Circle incorporates the complete Life Fusion MethodologyTM, but what makes each circle unique is an emphasis on a particular passion.

Our Passion Themes Follow The Hierarchy of Human Development

Human and social develop first requires a foundation that meets our basic needs. We then progress up to higher levels of self-awareness, creation, and ultimately self-realization, actualization, and unity.


God, Spirit, Unity



Innovation & Creativity

Leadership & Management

Professional & Social


Gifts & Talents

Social Services


Health & Wellness

Values & Virtues




Circle Explanation

Each Circle consists of 10 to 16 individuals who form a virtual and physical support community who share a philosophy of values and beliefs. We balance sharing and receiving as we embark the LfM Training Approach to align the Inner and Outer Game. We then collaborate to help each other in the outer game to maximize success and fulfillment.

The Phoenix Circle Leaders

A Phoenix Circle Leader is the highest level of Transformational Practitioner in the institute. If you are interested in being certified, click on the link below or email us on the contact page for more information.


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