LifeFusion Methodology

The Messinger Institute uses our proprietary Life Fusion MethodologyTM which is a unique, whole person transformational approach to create authentic, congruent and bold leaders. 

LfMTM incorporates a development framework, learning process, training approach and sequence. Our curriculum for this methodology comes from our network of graduates and practitioners. 


LfM Development Framework

The development framework incorporates four aspects of our total self; the mind, body, spirit, and environment. The goal is to balance these four elements and create an authentic, congruent, and bold leader. 

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LfM Adaptive Learning Process

Our learning process is based on a proven model that includes: self-learning, small group learning, peer networking, and private mentoring. The objective is to accelerate learning and adaptation.

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LfM Training Approach & Sequence

Our training approach is unique; we align the Inner Game of thoughts and beliefs with the Outer Game of behaviors, actions, and results. The result in an authentic, congruent, and transparent leader. 

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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum consists of six levels beginning with Level 100 Series on Foundational Knowledge through the Level 600 Series on Universal Knowledge and wisdom seeking the highest levels of self-actualization. All curriculum is provided by TMI graduates. 


Phoenix Circles Programs

Graduates of the TMI programs are offered a unique opportunity to become a certified practitioner and lead our Phoenix Circle Programs. These transformational leaders use their unique talents and gifts to ignite their passion and fulfill their purpose by leading a support community of like-minded leaders. 

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Call For Transformational Practitioners

If you are a heart centered practitioner and would like to take our Transformational Practitioner course or become a Phoenix Circle Leader, please click on the link below.


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