Creating Conscious Leaders

Transformational Leadership & Certification Programs

Transformational Practitioner Program

This 12 month program is designed for 10-16 Practitioners to experience the Life Fusion Methodology and become a conscious, authentic, congruent and bold Transformational leader. In the first 6 months we cover the 'invisible' Mind and Spirit (Inner Game), attend a retreat, followed by a semester break. In the final 6 months we cover the physical Body & Environment (Outer Game) and culminate with a celebration retreat. 

Phoenix Leader Certification Program

The Phoenix Circle Leader Certification is a 10 week course for 5 to 16 individuals who have completed the Transformational Practitioner Program and wish to become a Certified Phoenix Circle Leader for TMI Programs to help TMI expand and scale to achieve our vision. 

Two Options

Become a Life Fusion Transformational Practitioner, or become a Certified Phoenix Practitioner as well.

Transformational Practitioner



The 12 month program takes individuals to the highest levels of self-actualization and includes:

  • 16 peer-to-peer leadership calls
  • 12 private mentoring sessions
  • 8 Webinars
  • 8 Journal Exercises
  • 16 Podcasts
  • 16 Tips
  • Two Retreats

Phoenix Leader Certification Program



After completing this 10 week training and certification program Practitioners are eligible to market and deliver their own curriculum or facilitate existing programs. 

This program includes:

  • 6 self paced training videos
  • 14 hours of group Leadership Calls
  • 3 hours of private mentoring
  • Testing and Oral examination

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