12 Habits Master Mind Circle

Designed to balance the mental, spiritual, physical, practical aspects of life.

The first mountain is all about succeeding in business, but the second mountain is of far greater value; it's about succeeding in life.

JD Messinger explains why you should care


Learn the 12 Habits of Authentic People 

And their Associated Qualities & Powers for Breakthrough Performance 

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Here’s What You’ll Discover

Secret #1 Balance the Head & The Heart

The greatest challenge we all face.

Secret #2 Align the Inner & Outer Game

Congruency is the key to succeeding in life.

Secret #3 Fearless & Bold Action

Conquering fears releases our true self.

The 12 Habits & Qualities

We succeed in life by mastering 3 habits and qualities in the 4 Quadrants of our existence: Mental, spiritual, physical, and practical.

Detailed 12 Habits and Qualities

Expand Thinking & Focus

Be Present & Determined

Be Mindful & Disciplined

Be Heart-Centered & Connect

Heal Self & Forgive

Embrace Gifts & Believe


Ignite Passion & Be Expressive

Be Hardy & Resilient

Transmute Fear & Be Bold

Unleash Power & Be Ingenious and Inspirational

Live Purpose & Be Authentic

Celebrate & Be Humble



Frequently Asked Questions

The program is designed for the person who not only wants to succeed in business, but succeed in life. Meaning, someone who wants to achieve greater self mastery, improve relationships, greater health and vitality, explore their passionate why, to live a more energized life with greater purpose and meaning. 


You will be guided by a pair of indomitable spirits who have experienced tragedy and triumph. The words "failure" and "impossible" are not in their personal dictionary.


Who is JD Messinger?

  • Former EY Partner & CEO
  • US Navy nuclear submarine officer
  • Valdez, SARs, 911 Crisis Response Leader
  • Inventor world's first multimedia eBook
  • Creator, Producer, Host #1 Radio and TV shows
  • 5-Time Award winning and #1 Amazon bestselling author of 11 Days in May 

Learn more at JDMessinger.com


Each month we review one of the 12 Habits and associated essential quality, then we discuss and apply them to your daily life. Members have access to a knowledge library and a private discussion community.

Participants will discover the secrets to unleashing their full potential, shattering limiting beliefs, conquering fears, and in the end, become a more authentic, congruent, and fearless person.


Participants meet three times a month for one hour and agree to our code of conduct.

Rise up and be reborn to live the life you were born to lead!

Apply below to be considered for our next 12 Habits Master Mind Circle. Space is limited to 12 per Circle. 


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